“Welcome to Weapons Grade Fabrication, your ultimate destination for HUMVEE restoration, customization, and accessories!

At Weapons Grade Fabrication, we specialize in breathing new life into iconic HUMVEEs, from meticulous restoration projects to personalized customization endeavors. Whether you’re aiming to restore a piece of military history or elevate your HUMVEE’s performance and style, our skilled team is here to bring your vision to life.

Our comprehensive services encompass everything from engine swaps to lift kits, ensuring that your HUMVEE stands out on and off the road. With expert maintenance and repair services, we keep your vehicle running smoothly and reliably, ready for any adventure.

In addition to performance upgrades, we offer a wide range of HUMVEE accessories, including bumpers, racks, and hard tops, to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. From rugged off-road excursions to urban exploration, our accessories are designed to meet the demands of any terrain.

Experience the thrill of driving a fully customized and meticulously restored HUMVEE with Weapons Grade Fabrication. Contact us today to discuss your restoration, customization, and accessory needs, and let us help you take your HUMVEE to the next level.”